soundtrack composition, soundscape design for theatre and film production. specialising in electronica.
Here are some examples of previous work.

Lives and Lovesby Anna Yen

A theatre piece created for viewing at Brisbane's Powerhouse. Here each piece was pre loaded into a sampler and played live with the performance.

Fluffby Christine Johnston with Lisa O'Neill and Peter Nelson

FLUFF is a simple, joyful and humorous tale told with a twist. It has been acclaimed for its originality, warmth, clever use of comedy and extraordinary combination of song, movement, sampling, projection and audience participation. One of the stars songs.

Riskby Elaine Acworth

Presented by Metro Arts and Umber Productions. A linguistic thriller where only the art of bullshit will keep you alive. The audio here was created entirely from varying forest sounds taken from, and layered to create a Drum and Bass groove.

Kite Arts Education Program - Yonder

Seventy five state school students from edge city Brisbane performed at the Queensland Performing Arts Centre (QPAC) on Thursday 10 September as part the KITE arts education program. This audio was written as playful piece of music to fit in with movement on stage.